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Pour une santé buccale optimale


1 x sac cosmétique (PVC)
1 x XyliMelts pastilles adhérentes (40 pastilles - Menthe)
1 x X-PUR Sachets gommes (20 gommes - Menthe)
1 x X-PUR Sachets pastilles (40 pastilles - Menthe
1 x X-PUR Remin dentifrice (70g)
1 x CS 5460 brosse à dents
1 x X-PUR Opti-Rinse 0,05 % (Raisins)

Information produits:
XyliMelts pastilles adhérentes: Stimulent la salivation durant le sommeil
X-PUR Gommes et pastilles: Stimulent la salivation durant la journée
X-PUR Remin dentifrice sans fluorureContre la carie et la bouche sèche
CS 5460 brosse à dents: La plus douce et efficace
X-PUR Opti-Rinse 0,05% NaF: Contre la carie et la bouche sèche

Informations produits
XyliMelts »
X-PUR Remin »
X-PUR Gommes sachets »
X-PUR Pastilles sachets »
CS 5460

X-PUR Opti-Rinse 0.05% »


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First time trying the gum. It is very tasty but the taste doesn't last too long. It is also a bit pricey.

Dear Mr. Budzey, We are glad you find it tasty! For the duration of the taste, it is due to the fact that they are made with less superficial ingredients. And regarding the price, I invite you to look at our bags of 500 gums and 1,000 pastilles as they are really affordable! Thank you for using X-PUR! - Renaud

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